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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Welcome to Brightside Commercial Cleaning, we provide highly professional kitchen grease extraction and ventilation cleaning services throughout the Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales. Fact: Poorly maintained grease extraction systems can and will at some point erupt into flames.

It is quite often the case that your commercial kitchens grease extraction ducting runs right through the building to reach a roof level exhaust, this provides a fire with a clean and unobstructed route right through the entire premises allowing it to rapidly spread to other areas.

When fire spreads through a grease extraction system it is extremely fierce, using the build-up of fatty deposits as a fuel to burn it will be out of control within a matter of minutes.

Avoid your business becoming part of the national fire statistics, hire Brightside Commercial Cleaning to maintain your commercial kitchen grease extraction ducting.

Photographic Evidence of Kitchen Deep Cleaning Serves as Proof of Due Diligence

Brightside Commercial Cleaning will take before and after photographic evidence of your grease extraction ducting so that when we say it has been cleaned we have the evidence to back this up, the photographs along with our hygiene certificate can be passed along to your insurers, but also used to categorically prove that your ducting has been regularly maintained in accordance with all relevant fire and health and safety regulations.

In the result of a fire erupting at your business premises this evidence will serve to clear yours and your businesses name in any upcoming investigation.

What do you get from a Brightside Kitchen Deep Clean?

At Brightside Commercial Kitchen Cleaning we pride ourselves on our attention to detail we will literally dismantle your food preparation equipment hygienically Deep Cleaning all parts before reassembling and certifying safe for use.

Whenever we undertake a kitchen deep cleaning project we are aiming for absolute perfection, our extensive experience in this area allows us to effectively implement a truly scrumptious kitchen deep cleaning service that is as easy to swallow as any chefs special, here at Brightside Commercial Cleaning we pride ourselves on our consistently high standards of commercial kitchen cleaning as we are masters of one trade not a jack of all.

Our kitchen deep cleaning services in Wirral Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales includes the following kitchen deep cleaning services as standard;

Your Insurance Policy and Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Regimes

Most insurers have specific and deliberate clauses in their policies relating to the effective and proper cleaning/maintenance of your commercial kitchens grease extraction systems.

In the unfortunate event of a fire occurring in your restaurant or food preparation premises a subsequent formal investigation will ensue to positively identify the cause of the fire and to ascertain whether or not any person or persons are directly responsible for the related damage to property or, in the worst case scenario, loss of life.

If it can be categorically proven that the fire erupted as a direct result of poorly maintained kitchen grease extraction systems it could be severely detrimental to your business, jeopardising any insurance pay out which could result in your business having to close for good or, subject to a loss of life, could even result in the building's owner or manager receiving a very lengthy custodial sentence.

Failure to satisfy inspections by statutory enforcement authorities (such as fire and environmental health authorities) can lead to closure of business and even prosecution. Owner Beware.

At Brightside Commercial Cleaning our aim is to provide your Commercial Kitchen with a full and vigorous kitchen deep cleaning service that we believe is unrivalled within our field.

Established in 2003 Brightside Commercial Cleaning have spent many years fine tuning our working methods and processes and we are very proud to boast that we have now got it down to a fine art.

We now have so many commercial kitchen deep cleans under our belt that we know exactly what food preparation business owners want from a kitchen deep cleaning service, our projects regularly receive outstanding food hygiene ratings as a direct result of our services.

Brightside Commercial Cleaning only ever utilise environmentally friendly non-hazardous non-caustic industrial degreasing agents to clean your grease extraction duct-work to fully comply with HVCA and TR19 standards.

Recommended Kitchen Deep Cleaning Intervals

The need for regular specialist deep cleaning of kitchen grease extract systems will vary dependant on amount of usage of the cooking equipment, we have laid out this guide to advise and assist your business in remaining fully compliant with all relevant regulations;

Specialist kitchen deep cleaning regimes should be backed up by in-house daily or weekly cleaning of cooker canopies, filters and associated drains and traps in accordance with the cooking appliance manufacturers recommendations.

Kitchen Grease Extraction System Cleaning Methods

Here are a few of the working methodologies we employ when carrying out a kitchen grease extraction system deep clean;

It is estimated that as much as 80% of Kitchen Grease Extraction Ducts are not maintained regularly and that makes them hazardous for your staff, your customers and the building itself.

Here at Brightside Commercial Cleaning we pride ourselves on being able to bring even the most neglected of commercial kitchen grease extraction systems back to a full bill of health. Not only leaving them clean and bacteria free but also removing the risk of fire.

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