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Grease Extract and Ventilation Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Are you the person responsible for the management, and maintenance of ventilation, air conditioning or kitchen grease extraction systems also know as ductwork or ducting?

Then you require the services of Brightside Commercial Cleaning, our deep cleaning operatives are more than capable of bringing even the most neglected of ventilation ducting or kitchen grease extraction systems back to life, established in 2003 we have spent many years fine-tuning our methods and procedures ensuring extremely high standards of service on each and every duct cleaning project undertaken by our company.

Air Ventilation Duct Cleaning.

Brightside Commercial Cleaning can arrange for the regularly scheduled inspection, and deep cleaning of your buildings ventilation systems also known as ducting on long and short term contracts or even as a one off clean.

As the manager or owner of the building you have a lawful duty of care to ensure that the ventilation ducting is regularly cleaned and maintained, providing your buildings employees and visitors with clean fresh air is a legal requirement and will help to provide a comfortable and efficient working environment.

You as an employer you must provide your staff with fresh air in order to;

For advice and guidance on your legal requirements regarding proper cleaning/maintenance of your buildings ventilation ducts please see document HSG202.

Our duct cleaning services can and will help your business to fully comply with all current and relevant Health and Safety, food hygiene and fire legislature.

Health and Safety law requires that all ventilation systems are regularly inspected cleaned and maintained ensuring that all contaminants that may affect air quality or aid the build up of harmful bacteria have been removed, and also that all fatty deposits are removed from grease extraction systems on a regular basis eliminating the risk of fire erupting within the building.

Kitchen Grease Extraction Duct Cleaning

It is a fact that inadequately cleaned kitchen grease extract ducting is directly responsible for many commercial kitchens becoming a part of the national fire statistics.

Most insurers have specific clauses contained within their policies relating the the correct and proper cleaning of your commercials kitchens grease extraction systems.

If it can be proved that poorly maintained cleaning regimes played a part in the fire breaking out or being allowed to spread throughout the building then they will not pay out on the claim, if that is not bad enough then as a result of these findings there will almost certainly be a criminal case filed against the person deemed to be responsible for the kitchen grease extraction cleaning regimes.

The law will hold the building manager/owner personally responsible for any loss/damage to property or in the worst case scenario loss of life in which case they will seek to enforce a charge of manslaughter.

Beware building owners/managers have and will be prosecuted for neglecting to effectively maintain their businesses ventilation and kitchen grease extraction systems.

For thorough and in-depth information of your Duct Cleaning requirements under health and safety law please see the TR/19 document.

Brightside Commercial Cleaning provide superior standards of Duct Cleaning and Ventilation Maintenance throughout Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales. We have extensive experience within this area and are trusted by many high level organisations to provide a ventilation maintenance and duct cleaning service that is second to none. Call Today for a free, no-obligation site survey on 0151 601 9507.