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Leave no Stone Unturned with a Brightside Builders Clean

Builders Cleaning Services

Are you a Developer, Building Contractor, Refurbishing Company, or a Shop fitting Company?

Do you require the services of a high quality Builders Clean Company then you need Brightside Commercial Cleaning Services, we can provide your company with a Builders Cleans service that is second to none.

Brightside Commercial Cleaning have built an excellent reputation in Builders Cleans/Sparkle Cleans we constantly strive to deliver only the highest standards of work to all our Builders Clean clients.

Brightside provide highly professional cleaning services to the construction industry throughout Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.

As a building project nears completion, the site will require a thorough and professional clean of all areas both hidden and visible.

These services usually need to be completed within strict time constraints and often with last-minute changes to attend to.

With a Brightside Commercial Builders Clean you can rest assured that no stone has been left unturned, flexibility is our philosophy, as we are well aware that things can change at short notice.

We provide our Builders clean services 24 hours a day seven days a week for your convenience and to help ease the flow between construction and clean up teams.

A team supervisor will be present on all sites from start to finish, the cleaning supervisor will be responsible for overseeing the project to ensure your complete satisfaction is met throughout the agreed schedule of works.

Brightside Commercial Cleaning will supply you with a team of friendly uniformed cleaning operatives who are fully trained in the correct selection and use of all chemicals and equipment supplied by us.

All our operatives have received COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training in the use and handling of the cleaning chemicals and fluids which may need to be used. They will all have also been fully briefed on the risk assessment undertaken and its findings.

Brightside Commercial take Health and Safety very seriously. Our standard practice includes;

Upon completion of the agreed works a check-list will be provided to your site manager to be signed off on ensuring that both yours and our own very high standards have been met throughout the agreed schedule of works.

What is a Builders Clean?

A Builders Clean is a term that is used to describe a thorough deep clean of all areas both hidden and visible to a new development or refurbishment. It usually occurs in two stages with the thorough removal of all builder associated debris and then finished off with a final sparkle Clean, The Sparkle Clean usually takes place immediately prior to the handover from construction company to owner.

Who needs a Builders Clean?

Why have a Builders Clean?

To ensure the smooth transaction from builder to client, a high quality Builders Clean will leave a positive impression of your company and the service you provide, it also serves to highlight any snags that may have been missed during the building process.

What is a Sparkle Clean?

A Sparkle Clean is a term used to describe the final stage of the handover clean removing any additional finger marks and resettled dust, after snagging works are completed and all trades are off site, leaving the site totally free of dust and debris.

Why have a Sparkle Clean?

The Sparkle Clean is where you get the wow factor as the vision is finally realised and your project changes from a building site to a place that is truly "sparkle" clean and ready for occupation.

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